Packaging solutions for the elec­tronics, medical, and aerospace industries — and everyone else

Design and Testing Services for industrial packaging

We have invested in the latest technologies for packaging design including the latest CAD/CAM software and Kongsberg XL24 CAD table. Our engineering department is able to produce drawings and prototypes for all newly developed packs. We work with our customers to produce the perfect pack. We aim to meet every expectation from branding and aesthetics, performance and functionality, to reducing shipping costs and reaching financial goals. It is important for to give our customers the ability to hold, pack, and approve the product they will be using. This is why we allow them to have a hands on role in product development, supplying samples and keeping an open line of communication throughout the design process.

Danvers Industrial Packaging has an ISTA certified laboratory. This means we can perform ISTA series 1A testing on all products we develop in our engineering facilities. We can perform drop and vibration tests on site to ensure that your pack will protect the rigorous journey it is put through in real life shipping environments.

Danvers’ representatives are passionate about solving issues. We have sourced and manufactured innovative materials for use by military, medical and electronics industries alike. What we sell today, we may not sell tomorrow. We are constantly evolving with our customer’s needs and changes in industry standards. If you have an obstacle or special requirement shipping your product or getting it safely through the production process, bring it to us. We will gladly take on any challenge.