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Danvers Industrial Packaging

Chester Thibeault founded Danvers Industrial Packaging Corporation under the name Danvers Paper Company in August 1957. His goal was to provide general paper products to hospitals, restaurants, and printers. The first warehouse and headquarters was an 800 square foot facility located in Danvers, Massachusetts. The employees were Mr. Thibeault, a warehouse person, and his son, who worked part-time while attending Babson College.

By 1966 the company had grown substantially and had moved into a new 7200 square foot facility. During this period, industrial paper products were added to their product line. The next 10 years were marked by continued growth and by 1978 Mr. Thibeault sold the company to his son, Chester Thibeault Jr.

Under his leadership, the focus of the company narrowed and soon it became one of the major distributors of industrial paper and packaging products in Eastern Massachusetts. The company’s growth continued with the rapid expansion of the Route 128 technology industry.

In 1995 the company moved to a new facility in Cherry Hill Industrial Park, Danvers. While continuing to grow its core business of standard packaging supplies, it expanded into specialty packaging. Here the business flourished and soon became a premier supplier of specialty packaging covering Eastern Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire, and Southern Maine.

The company currently resides in a new 100,000 square foot headquarters and production facility located in Beverly, Massachusetts.