Packaging solutions for the elec­tronics, medical, and aerospace industries — and everyone else

At Danvers Industrial Packaging we design and sell for today’s technology. Industry moves fast and we move with it — since 1957. Our custom designs have become the standard for the industry. We carry all the necessary supplies needed to ship your product safely.

Within our 100,000 square foot manufacturing and distribu­tion facility our priority is Just In Time service: we can manage your inventory based on your production plan, stock your materials in our warehouse, and deliver them to you on your schedule. We’ll even tell you when you’re running low.

Danvers’ representatives are passionate about solving issues. We have sourced and manufactured innovative materials for use by military, medical and electronics industries alike. What we sell today, we may not sell tomorrow. We are constantly evolving with our customers’ needs and changes in industry standards. If you have an obstacle or special requirement shipping your product or getting it safely through the pro­duction process, bring it to us. We will gladly take on any challenge.